If you’ve never had a hosting account or you’ve switched companies and the new one uses an account management console that you haven’t seen before, you may get baffled about how to do a specific task in your account or on your desktop PC. That is why, some hosting providers have set up a knowledge base, which lists the most popular questions and problems associated with the particular platform they use, rather than adding only some generic details. Such a knowledge base will allow you to find the desired information quickly and easily, so you will not have to waste a lot of time and energy on issues that might require something as simple as hitting a button or ticking a check box. In this way, not only can you get things done, but you can also become aware of plenty of new and interesting facts, both about the way you can manage your account and about the way the hosting service works as a whole.

Extensive Online Documentation in Web Hosting

If you have bought your very first web hosting plan through our company or have migrated your website over to us, you will become familiar with our services and our custom-created Hepsia hosting Control Panel in a jiffy thanks to the fact that we have prepared a comprehensive online knowledge base where you can find all the information that you’ll ever need – both general info in regards to the hosting service as a whole and more concrete info about the different functions that you can make use of and the issues that you could encounter. The articles are available in two places. The entire article collection is accessible via the Help section of the Control Panel. You can find articles that are dedicated to the different functions in each and every Control Panel section as well. You can find out how to accomplish practically everything, from creating an .htaccess file to administering an electronic mailing list, and all the articles feature thorough guides, so you’ll never become bewildered on account of an ambiguous text. Surely, if you chance upon a more specific problem and you are unable to find an adequate solution in our knowledge base, you can touch base with our client service staff representatives 24/7/365.

Extensive Online Documentation in Semi-dedicated Hosting

We have compiled a comprehensive online knowledge base for all our current and future clients, so if you buy a semi-dedicated server package from our company, you’ll be able to find any information that you need at any moment. We have a lot of educational help articles, which will help you understand better what’s happening in your semi-dedicated server account – "What is PHP?" and "What are file access permissions?" are just 2 instances. Our instructive tutorials will help you accomplish anything you like – extract an archive, import a MySQL database, redirect a domain, and so on. Plus, we also have troubleshooting instructions, which will enable you to discover what spurs a certain problem and the possible solutions for it. If you are not able to send emails or your domain name returns a 500 Internal Server Error message, for instance, you can consult our knowledge base and recover the problem without delay. The articles can be accessed through any section of the Control Panel, as well as through the all-encompassing Help section.