A data center is a special facility in which providers store the servers employed for their offline or online services - web hosting, mail servers, computing, file storage, etcetera. The data center provides the conditions for the machines accommodated there to operate at their very best capacity while preserving their life. This is done by providing optimal environmental conditions - temperatures, air humidity, protection against disasters, etcetera. All data centers also feature electric power and Internet backups, which are a safeguard in case there are infrastructural difficulties, and which ensure the continuous operation of the machines and the access to them. The reduced access to these types of facilities gives an additional layer of defense against unauthorized access by third-parties. In the event that you employ the online services of any firm, a good data center will tremendously improve the level of the service and your user experience.

Data centers in Web Hosting

We offer our web hosting packages in five outstanding data centers throughout the world in order to provide you with a choice to choose the one closer to you or to your target market. Our advanced cloud hosting platform is offered in all 5 of them, so you will enjoy the same level of service irrespective of your choice. The facilities that are located in the United States, the UK, AU, BG and Finland, offer multi-gigabit connectivity through numerous backbone Internet providers and powerful backup generators to ensure that your websites will be functioning at all times. Because qualified support teams handle our web servers on all 3 continents, we are able to concentrate on developing new services and bettering the existing ones all the time, so we could offer you the first-class web hosting service you have always wanted.

Data centers in Semi-dedicated Hosting

We offer our powerful semi-dedicated hosting solutions in five data centers situated on three continents so as to ensure that no matter where you or your site visitors are located, your sites will always be accessible at great speed. Colohouse in the USA, UK Servers in the UK, Amaze in AU, S3Company in BG and Ficolo in Finland are the facilities which you will find on our order page and you shall be able to pick any one of them with a click. We employ these data centers since they're amongst the major ones within their respective country and they all present excellent infrastructure for the machines that are part of the cloud hosting platform in which we generate semi-dedicated accounts. Multiple Internet service providers with high-speed routes to numerous big cities on the 3 continents, an independent UPS unit for each server and effective backup generators are a few of the reasons to pick out these facilities, not mentioning their expert tech support crews that can easily resolve any unexpected issue in no time. We have been working with them for a long time and we have experienced first-hand the excellent level of service they provide, which subsequently allows us to offer first-class web hosting services to all our customers.

Data centers in VPS Web Hosting

In the event that you choose to host your Internet sites on an OpenVZ-powered VPS from our firm, you shall be able to pick any one of the 5 data center locations which we offer. Colohouse in Chicago, USA, UK Servers near Conventry, United Kingdom, Amaze in Sydney, AU, S3Company in Sofia, BG and Ficolo in Pori, Finland, provide superb collocation services which enable us to focus on constantly enhancing our VPS web hosting service. The diesel backup power generators, several Internet lines and the expert 24/7 tech support are a few of the reasons why we've chosen these facilities, offering you in turn the chance to select your preferred location. The service which we offer is identical in all 5 data centers, including the SSD-powered physical web servers in which your virtual one shall be set up, so you can get the most out of your Virtual Private Server regardless of the data center location you choose during the signup process. Thus, both you and your website visitors can enjoy fantastic loading speeds and amazing performance of your sites.

Data centers in Dedicated Servers Hosting

We have selected one of the largest data centers on earth for the dedicated server plans that we provide. The Colohouse facility in downtown Chicago provides exceptional conditions for all machines accommodated there and this is one of the reasons to choose it for our machines. The data center is one of the best places to host sites that target North America as it offers direct fiber connections with numerous cities across the US and Canada, so how fast website visitors will open your websites will depend exclusively on their Internet connection. A number of Internet service providers and a 1.5 MW diesel backup generator ensure that your dedicated server shall be working all the time and that your Internet sites shall never go offline. The most recent generation of Cisco network hardware and thoroughly tested server spare parts together with a 24-7 support are also among the factors behind our choice to offer dedicated web hosting in the Colohouse facility.